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This image of a wistful girl on a taxidermy porker is from a postcard, circa 1910.  (Image significantly restored.)

A charming and rare antique photograph - unusual photo studio set-up.  The horse is especially well done! (Image significantly restored.)

Girl with Stork in a nest, circa 1910. (Image significantly restored.)

Vintage photograph, circa 1940.

This 2 headed calf was born on W.A. Rasor's farm in Brookville, Ohio.

After the calf died, it was stuffed and became a roadside attraction along Route - Highway 40 - The historic Old National Road with numerouos billboards erected along U.S. 40.

For the admission price of two bits you could see the stuffed two-headed calf as well as feed Saltines to Rasor's cows.

The two-headed calf is now at Prairie Dog Town in Oakley, Kansas.
(Image significantly restored.)

Sideshow Duck

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