These are a few of my favorite things... in no particular order.

Museum of Jurassic Technology - The most charming museum I've ever had the pleasure of visiting!

Cabaret Mechanical Theatre - Automata museum in London.

Survival Research Laboratories - Mark Pauline's dark vision robotics.  I sorely miss the early days of SRL's clandestine and intimately dangerous performances...  fortunately these early events are documented on video.

Jeanie M Taxidermy - Beware of Imitators (and boy are they out there)! After some years of infrequent e-mail correspondence I finally got to meet this carcass art legend in person! (and I must point out that we only lived a couple of miles apart.) I now count Jeanie among my small handful of like-minded, reclusive, "soul sister" friends~

Dave Archer - This guy needs to publish his stories!

Jill Tracy - Gothic chanteuse extraordinaire!

Christopher Linney Taxidermy - Mr. Linney has the largest quantity of quality antique taxidermy, in the smallest space, that I have ever seen!  His site is only the Tip of the Iceburg.  Check it out!

London Taxidermy - Natural History goodies.

Craig LaRotonda is one of my favorite painters.  Visit his Revelation Gallery.

NAIA - The sensible alternative to PETA.  A site dedicated to the humane welfare, management and understanding of animals.

Hamster Taxidermy - Nothing says Good Taste like Art made from Vermin!

Virtual Pet Cemetery - Visit this site and get out your handkerchiefs!

Animal Astronauts - Laika come home!

Africam - See wild animals in real time.

Transgenic Art - Fluorescent Bunny!!!

Joss McKinley - Powerfully evocative photography.

Strindberg & Helium - Brilliant animations of August Strindberg and his bubbly side-kick, Helium.

Back to Life - Documentary by Samantha Reynolds, co-starring yours truly.

The Cat with Hands - Short film based on a child's nightmare by Robert Morgan.  Here kitty, kitty, kitty!

Monsters - 15 min short film by Robert Morgan. Semi-autobiographical nightmare.  Love the soundtrack.  (Requires RealPlayer to view) Alternate link: Channel4.   Choose your streaming speed under WATCH VIDEO.

Replacing Delphine - A Fairy Tale about Love, Loss and Taxidermy.

Gail Potocki - Her work brings tears to my eyes.

Puimond Progressive Corsets - My favorite cupcake.

Heaven 4 Heros - Mike Madrid's super hero collection/obsession. Sexy!

Sue Hoya Sellars - Well, fuck me! The inheritor of Sue's estate has deleted Sue's website (SueHoyaSellarsdotcom) and now forwards Sue's web address to her own creepy and spiritually commercial "Intentional Creativity®" website! So parasitic, annoying and disrespectful!

This link now goes to an internal web page where I'll post more photos of Sue's work.