rel' i • quar' y. A small box, casket, shrine, etc., for keeping or exhibiting a relic.

rel' ic. 1. A corpse.  2. An object venerated by the faithful because of its association with a saint or other sacred person.  3. pl. Ruins; residue.  4. A survival; a vestige.  5. A souvenir; memento; often, a monument of the past.

I have been collecting these vinyl faced, plush/fabric dolls since the early 1980's.

I find them rather frightening and a somewhat questionable gift for your average child.  The anthropomorphized animals and clowns are especially creepy.  And yet, in spite of (or perhaps, because of) this quality, they show the well worn signs of being a much loved object of childhood.

Come back to see more of these reliquaries with inserted shadowboxes and drawers.